Thursday, July 8, 2010

"And then he swoops in...all wild eyed and Edwar-dy to rescue the beautiful Bella. He fights...oh, you should see him fight...with the punching and quickness and sliding and stuff (insert wild battle-esq pantomime here). Oh, and Jacob. He's a beast. Literally. HAHA. I crack myself up..."
My poor husband is looking at me as if he would adore a mercy killing at this point to end the suffering I was forcing upon him. Come to think of it...that's the look the vampires had on their faces right before Edward killed them. Touche’...ok. tangent.
So needless to say, I saw Eclipse. I need to preface here that though I enjoy the twilight saga, I am not a die hard fan, and I say this to give respect to those who are:) More for me, rather than the occasional witty one liners and pretty boys, I am interested in the philosophy behind it. Because it's me. and I analyze EVERYTHING.
It’s not a secret that people everywhere are taken in by the twilight phenomenon. Mainly women. Not to disrespect the men. Vampires are manly too. Even if they sparkle. But there is something deeper that awakens in us when we see men risking it all for the sake of the one they love. Take Edward. Aloof. Mysterious. Sexy. The typical bad boy with the heart of gold scenario. Beautiful. Pensive. Poetic. Now add a darker element. Why hello Mr. Vampire. He will stand at the end of the bed and watch you sleep. Which sounds creepy in theory, but in essence it translates into someone finding us captivating. He loves to protect. He fight for the one he loves at all costs. Yes please.
Jacob. The best friend. The one who will wait forever. Desperate and jealous for the one he loves. Willing to give up everything and everyone until he has her in his arms. And they are nice arms…
Yes, the men are pretty . But I fell like the attraction goes so much deeper. To heart matters. There is a reason story lines such as these captivate us so. Make us swoon. Make our hearts flutter. Make us sigh, and if you are a weirdo like me, analyze.
We were created to captivate and be captivated. We long for someone to fight for us physically and emotionally. We long to be seen, truly seen. And then, be loved for what someone saw.
That dream isn’t dead. That notion isn’t all grandeur. And it’s not weak that we desire those things. But it’s also dangerous to believe that a man (or a vampire, or werewolf) can fulfill those desires in us. I’m not really a feminist. To be honest, I never feel more independent or creative as I do in the kitchen with an apron on and flour everywhere. But I stand strong on the idea that we as women need to be whole as individuals. Especially if we want to be any kind of use the epic men in our lives. Because though we are called to be rescued, and fought for, and chosen by the men in our lives, we are not helpless. In fact, we are necessary. We are their companions. Where Are we in the midst of the battle? Sword in hand baby. Right next to those we are willing to die for. There may not be an Edward. Or Jacob. And we may feel like we will never be as beautiful as Bella on our best day. But there is a calling in that movie. One that speaks deep. Let yourselves be fought for. But also be willing to fight too. Whether that is cutting yourself with a rock to cause a distraction, or having a hope and believe that God will be the one to rescue. He’s enough. He’s still fighting for you. He will never stop. That is true love.

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  1. Thanks for this reminder, dear one. Your analysis is uber helpful... love you!